Anonymous said: Why does Lord Tourettes spaz out like that? Is he possessed?

Lord Tourettes…has tourettes. Or maybe he just LOVES swearing. When we first came up with the character, he was just a happy, singing minstrel. But Ed and I asked ourselves: “What have we never seen before with a minstrel character?” And for some reason, our first thought was “one who swears a lot”. The rest, as they say, is FUCKING history.

Anonymous said: Are you and ED going to make DICKFIGURES season 6⁉️

Right now…no. Someday…hopefully. Maybe we’ll do something special for the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of DFTM coming out. It’s only a month away!

I wanted to share some photos from Lindsey and my engagement shoot this past weekend. I actually proposed (and she said “YES!”) a few months back, but we finally got our act together to take some official photos (courtesy of photographer Michael James). We love redwoods. Hiking. Fog. Nature. And being together. So heading up to Joaquin Miller Park for an early morning shoot combined it all.

As people have asked…her engagement ring is made of interlocking, golden branches inset with garnet, while my band (and her wedding band) I crafted out of a single piece of silver. I think it was all that Skyrim we had been playing that inspired me. I’m still a Level 1 metalsmith though.

Hope you all enjoy the photos of that wonderful morning.

Anonymous said: Dear Zack, I have some questions about your exciting new project! Is Ed going to be a part of it and are you guys going to voice act in it? (I can never get enough of your amazing voices). And once you really get into it, will you do contests and other cool things like DF? I missed out on everything for DF so I was wondering. :) Thanks! Oh, and I bought season 5 and I absolutely loved it. Figured Out made me so happy and sad, thank you guys for that! Sweet intro too!

Turner of the Century, my new movie, is still in the VERY early stages. My brother, Nick, and I have only just finished the screenplay for Ghostbot (an animation studio in SF), but will begin designs, storyboards, animation and all that fun stuff soon. Since this movie will be released in theaters, we’re getting hot-shot Hollywood actors/actresses to do the voices…though I guarantee some voice actors from the Dick Figures cast will make an appearance. All the contests and cool things we did with DF were so much fun we will DEFINITELY be making more with this movie. Even bigger and better than before.

Thanks for the question, and I’m really glad you enjoyed Season 5. So many feels.


Here is my piece for the Meatball Head art show this past weekend at Meltdown Comics in LA put on by the amazing Nico Colaleo. I started painting Usagi with her hair all long and crazy floating about her and then decided to give it a two piece frame. Enjoy! 

Amazing art for a Sailor Moon show by my fiancée, Lindsey.

Anonymous said: Will dickfigures "figured out" ever be on the mondo website. Because I really want to see it

No. It will only ever be on the purchased version of Season 5. Gotta earn money for those Ferrarris somehow. 

Anonymous said: Is Seasons 1-5 ever going to come to Australian Google Play Stores? Because I really want to see the animated intros and the bonus episode.

Hmm, I didn’t realize that it isn’t on all the international stores…I’ll let Mondo Media know. I really want you to see the bonus episode and animated intros too!

campbellspencer said: Thanks for answering my last question. You and Ed are awesome. I've got 2 more if you don't mind: Wasn't there supposed to be credits at the end of the DFTM music vid? Also, if you ever put the series on DVD, would you put the bonus episodes on there? (Like the unaired pilot and the comic video) Thanks again for the last question.

Normally, yes, there should have been Season 5 credits but we stopped doing those. Mostly because we thought they were too long and no one was watching them. I guess we were wrong! If we ever do a mega-DVD/Bluray for all the seasons…YES, the unaired pilot, comic videos, and bonus episodes will all be on there.

nrtomf said: Well done with Dick Figures :D really good show and good luck/ break a leg for other projects :) looking forward to more Duke of Fancy :)

Thank you! We’d love to do more Duke of Fancy someday. The world can’t get enough of the man who can never have enough.

thatbagelperson said: Hey, I'm a huge fan of Dick Figures, and I was wondering something: Who made the decision to end it? Did you and Ed simply want to end the story, or did Mondo Media want to cancel it?

Ed and I jointly came to the conclusion to end it…for now. We loved working on every single episode and the movie, but are equally excited about our new projects on the horizon. Expect bigger, better and more explosions soon.